About Us

Who Are We?

We are a passionate outdoor fire family that appreciates the great outdoors and revel in the lure of the company of those we love and care about. As such, our best and most sacred moments, whatever the season, have been spent sitting around the fire. We are hooked and think you could be too.

Our Commitment And Promise to You

At Smash Backyard Heating, we are committed to bringing warmth to your backyard oasis. By providing the very best, top-of-the-line outdoor heating solutions that Canada has to offer, we are focused on ensuring that you stay warm while spending more time with your friends and family. We know that our climate is cold, but we can make accommodations for that. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, why not?

Whether you wish to sit around the fire to savour the warmth or lose yourself in the alluring flames after a long week, we have a wide range of outdoor heating options to match your unique needs and aspirations. 

Our Mission 

In fulfilling our promise to every client, we diligently scour the globe for premium and quality fire pits, fire tables, and all things outdoor heating. We aspire to provide a memorable experience when you shop with us and are committed to delivering you with the outstanding customer service that you deserve. So reach out with your questions, and help us get you one step further to indulging with friends and family in comfort and warmth of your backyard. 

Explore Our Website to See All the Best Outdoor Heating On The Market Today, And Finally Gather Around the Fire with Your Loved Ones!